About Me

I'm a physician and a mom, who went to MIT for undergrad, then Drexel for medical school. I trained in family medicine at U Penn.  Although I went to church my whole life, Jesus became Lord and not just Savior while I was in college.  One day, God may move me overseas to serve, but currently, 
I work at Wrightstown Family Medicine as a primary care physician.  My husband was an avid blogger and helped me start this site.  We have four kids ages 7, 9, 11, and 13!  Life is a bit busy right now but this is where I reflect and record... well... when I find a moment to... I'm just emerging from the all-consuming world of motherhood and starting to get back into my old passions... reading (will always be an Austen fan but love sci fi/fantasy), sports (field hockey!), and music (piano, guitar, singing...)

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ran the Disney Half with my husband in Fall 2019 ...pre-Covid!