About Me

I'm a physician and a mom, who went to MIT for undergrad, then Drexel for medical school. I trained in family medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where I was chief resident.  Although I went to church my whole life, Jesus became Lord and not just Savior while I was in college.  One day, God may move me overseas to serve, but in the meanwhile, 
I have worked in private practice at Wrightstown Family Medicine for 16 years. Recently, I joined ChenMed's team with the vision to be America's leading primary care provider, transforming care of the neediest population. I now serve the locals in Mayfair at Dedicated Senior Medical Center. My husband was an avid blogger and helped me start this site.  We have four kids who are now 10, 12, 14, and 16!  Life is a bit busy right now and this is where I reflect and record... well... when I finally have a moment to. Just when I thought things were easing up from the physical demands of caring for young children, I stumble into the mental demands and rollercoaster world of adolescence and grumpy teenagers!

ran the Disney Half with my husband in Fall 2019 ...pre-Covid!