About Me

I'm a physician and a mom, who went to MIT for undergrad, then Drexel for medical school. I trained in family medicine at U Penn.  Although I went to church my whole life, Jesus became Lord and not just Savior while I was in college.  One day, God may move me overseas to serve, but currently, 
I work at Wrightstown Family Medicine as a primary care physician.  My husband was an avid blogger and helped me start this site.  We have four kids ages 7, 9, 11, and 13!  Life is a bit busy right now but this is where I reflect and record... well... when I find a moment to... I'm just emerging from the all-consuming world of motherhood and starting to get back into my old passions... reading (will always be an Austen fan but love sci fi/fantasy), sports (played field hockey and lacrosse in high school and college), music (piano, guitar, singing...), and now due to quarantine last year, I've discovered the engrossing world of kdramas!

You can check out the article I wrote for my college athletics department last year about balancing work and home in the midst of Covid:

ran the Disney Half with my husband in Fall 2019 ...pre-Covid!