Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The alternative to Children's Tylenol works!

Well, wouldn't you know it!  Here I am blogging about this Tylenol recall and tonight I walk home to see my two year old sitting on grandma's lap with her face all flushed and her eyes glazed over.  "She feels really hot, " my mom reports.  "And she will not eat anything."  Picking her up, I can tell already that her fever is over 101 and sure enough her axillary temp was 101.9.  Good thing we asked my mom to pick up some Rite Aid brand Acetaminophen!

Being a mom to a sick child is heartbreaking.  I see sick children in the office all the time.  It is one thing when they are sitting on their mommy's laps and I have to check them out.  It is another when my child has her arms wrapped around my neck and is unconsolably sobbing and whining over every little thing.

It is one thing to know as a physician that we have to push fluids.  It is a whole other challenge when my sick child is refusing to drink anything I am offering her.  I know she must be feeling very sick for she even refused a popsicle tonight!

Well, I gave my daughter the Rite Aid brand acetaminophen.  It is a good thing she likes to take medicine.  I can only imagine the further challenge of having to force medication on a child who refuses to take it!  After only about 30 min, the fever broke and my daughter was almost back to her normal, active, talkative self again.  She even said she was hungry and allowed grandma to feed her little.  So at least we know that Rite Aid brand Acetaminophen works!