Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two Birthday Celebrations, a Marathon... and Thanksgiving =)

Long time no blog!  November was a crazy month for me and it just flew by.  One daughter turned three, the other daughter turned one... I ran 26.2 miles in between their birthdays and Thanksgiving was thrown in there as well!

Here is a sample of some things I'm thankful for this year:

-  a stimulating and rewarding job where the staff is like family
-  friends near and far to laugh and cry with
-  our church with its dynamic worship, insightful sermons, and a community to grow with and serve
-  willing grandparents sacrificing time and energy to babysit and help with household chores
-  two healthy daughters who make me smile all the time
-  a patient and supportive husband who ran 6+ miles with me during the Philly Marathon!
-  a loving and gracious God who gave me the most meaningful gift of all... His Son, Jesus... it is because of Him that I can have peace that transcends understanding, eternal hope in times of despair, and an ongoing dynamic and intimate relationship with my Father in heaven