Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daddy Daughter Relationship

My three year old daughter went on her first date tonight.  Daddy took her to the Chik-fil-A Daddy Daughter Date Night.  She was super excited and had been talking about the event for a while.  They both dressed up (she picked out his tie) and he even got her a rose and a balloon.  I thought it was a really neat idea when I first saw the flier at our local Chik-fil-A.  Who better to go on a first date with than with one's own daddy?

Many have touched on this topic about the importance of the father daughter relationship.  He is the first male interaction in her life.  He plays a powerful role in shaping her self image and self worth.  She'll watch the relationship between mom and dad to know what to expect in a marriage.  And based on how he treats her, she will form expectations on how she should be treated by other guys later in life.  Plus, some studies show that fathers now influence the future and career path that daughters may take.

Watching my daughter and husband interact is very sweet.  It is a different relationship than the one I have with her.  There are times (usually when she is sick and throwing up) when she wants mommy.  I'm there as her comforter.  But I recall other times... like when we were at the beach and the waves were coming fast, where she will call out for daddy!  He is her protector.

My younger daughter is too young this year... but next year, daddy will have three girls to take turns taking out on individual date nights!