Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is around the corner!

We're just starting to make some christmas traditions.  One thing we have been doing is getting a new ornament every year that signifies something special.  Here is what we have so far from the years past:

2002 - "Our First Christmas Together" precious moments ornament
2003 -  Nativity scene ornament from Honduras
2004 -  GI Joe figure
2005 - "Grace" ornament
2006 -  Little home ornament
2007 -  1st Christmas ornament for our daughter
2008 -  Graduation pic in frame ornament
2009 -  1st Christmas ornament for second daughter
2010 -  Philly Marathon ornament 
2011 -  "Blessings" ornament (and ornament for son)

So other things we're doing or hoping to do include...
  • christmas cookies
  • gingerbread houses
  • lots and lots of christmas books and stories
  • lots and lots of caroling
  • christmas eve service
  • matching pjs on christmas morning
So what do you guys do with your families?  Would love to hear...