Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baby Has Stomach Flu

Nobody likes getting the stomach bug.  It is especially hard when a baby gets it.  Their little bodies can dehydrate quickly from too much vomiting and diarrhea.

Our poor little E got hit with it last night.  Middle of the night, we hear him screaming.  It is the "something is definitely wrong and I'm in pain" cry.  I go in there and as soon as I pick him up he projectile vomits across the room and hits me as well.  So I proceed to bathe him while calling my husband to clean up the floor and crib mess.  Taking off sticky onesies covered in throw up is not too bad when the buttons are in front but when you have to pull it over the head, it is messy and tricky and baby doesn't like it!  So it was one of those nights where I finally get myself and E all cleaned and dressed... then he does it again!  Now we got vomit on our bed because I brought him to our room to change him.  So called hubby again to clean our floor and throw our bedsheets in the wash while I change E and myself a second time!  Good thing for daddies... I've had to do this alone before when husband is away on a business trip and it was not fun at all.

Since it didn't get in his hair this time I just cloth wiped him.  Poor E was sooo sleepy so finally, I put him back in his newly changed crib.  I take a shower and was about to go to bed myself when we hear crying again!  The minute I picked him up... I hear his tummy gurgling and his little body retching.. so I run to the bathroom and just sat in the bathtub this time.. but yes... he got us good again.  Tiring night.. therefore today was a tiring day...

So when babies get sick with the stomach flu there is little that can be done.  It is usually due to a virus and has to run its course.  Depending on the virus it can last from 1-10 days.  Most important thing is to watch for signs of dehydration.  Sometimes in severe cases, one needs to get IV fluids.  Call your physician if you notice:

  • less than 3-4 diapers a day
  • fever greater than 101
  • excessive sleepiness or fussiness
  • sunken soft spot
  • sunken eyes
  • crying without tears

Symptoms usually hit 1-2 days after exposure.  I'm dreading this hitting my other two kids.  We'll see tomorrow...