Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day Off? Not!

So I traded my afternoon today to be off because my boss is going on vacation in a few weeks and is taking two extra days off. I picked today because my au pair is actually on vacation and will not be back for another two days. So how was my day with my three little ones? Tiring!

It was one thing after the next... here is one scene from today that stood out:

Frustrating Moments with a "Mostly Potty Trained Kid"
Setting: In preschool bathroom with child #2 about 1 minute before child #1 is let out of school and with child #3 strapped in stroller screaming his head off because he's hungry and I was in the middle of feeding him...

Child#2: I need to go potty...
Me: Ok. Go ahead.
(child sitting on potty with me squatting in front of her.. trying to ignore the screams from child #1)
Me: You still need to go? Want to go now or later?
Child #2: Now...
Me: Ok. Go ahead. Mommy's waiting...
(I peer between her legs to see if I can see anything dripping down.. nothing...maybe if I stare hard enough I can will her to pee... nothing...)
Me: You sure you want to go now? Now or later?
(trying not to rush the child because usually when I rush her she takes longer... but child #3 is still screaming and I'm pretty sure all the parents have picked up their kids by now...)
Child#2: Now...
Me: Ok...
(staring.. nothing... oh I don't know maybe I asked her a few more times "now or later" and she kept saying "now")
Me: Ok... this is taking too long... we'll just have to go later...

Argh.. and after all that... she didn't pee! Preschool teacher then pokes her head in to try to calm down #3 while I'm struggling to get child #2 dressed. Child #1 wonders why we took so long in getting her. Sad thing is we were actually there early!

Other "argh!" moments include:
  • Blow out diaper up the back requiring a second bath for child #3! Of course it happens right after I bathe him and change him into new clothes...
  • Roll of toilet paper completely unraveled because child #2 was bored while sitting on the potty at home

(my attempt to re-roll the unrolled toilet paper and keep it out of reach...)

Child #1 was actually pretty good today... she even tried to help me fold laundry... However, she didn't nap so pretty much crashed by 7pm. In fact.. all three kids were asleep by 7pm today... why am I still up???!


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