Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When Daddy Goes On Business Trips

I had this long post all planned out in my head about this topic... but at the end of the day, I just want to go to bed.  Brain is too muddled to form a coherent blog.

But here are a few thoughts that I wanted to jot down.  Survival tips for when hubby goes on a business trip...

  • try to get extra help if I can (don't always work out... but especially helpful if during bath time or food time there is another adult around)
  • try to keep kids routine the same (that way no surprises and i know when i can have my 'breaks')
  • try to keep meals simple (confession... this is when i splurge on unhealthy eating that I normally don't eat when husband is around.  haha.. like ramen noodles!  yum!)
  • try to decrease expectations (so the kids may eat less than usual... maybe even skip a bath...)
  • try to do something 'fun' and different (my favorite memory of when my dad went on business trips is snuggling in my mom's big bed watching a movie!)
  • try to Skype or call to keep in touch (even with the kids)
Daddy will be back tomorrow...