Thursday, October 4, 2012

Medifast Weight Loss Program

I'm doing it!  Just last week, I decided to offer the Medifast Diet Plan to my patients.  Thank you, Dr Lee, for telling me about this!

You can read more about it on my medifast website here, but in a nutshell it is a very low calorie, no brainer method of weight loss.  I like it for several reasons...

  • No brainer - so good for the patients who don't want to count calories
  • Meals are designed to be very low in calories yet satisfying...
  • I will be the health coach walking alongside and helping my patients stick to the plan
  • After weight loss is achieved, there is a transition period and then maintenance
  • Cost to the patient is only for the meal replacement foods they are eating and comes out to about $10/day... and you should really only need to do this weight loss phase for 1-3 months before transitioning back to "real life" food and then maintenance
Initial weight loss is fairly simple and most people can achieve this if they follow any diet plan.  However, the trick is to keep it off and with the coaching that goes along with Medifast Diet Plan, I'm excited that I can offer something to my patients that can be lasting.  The goal is to develop healthy eating habits and to achieve optimal health.  Haha.. I sound like an ad on tv but I truly am excited about this and want to see my patients get off of their blood pressure, diabetes, or  cholesterol meds!  Will keep you posted...


  1. My cousin tried the Medifast program. She lost 18lbs. in 2 months. Very effective indeed. It could've been more but she lacks the discipline=) But 18lbs. is not too shabby.

  2. There are so many diet plans available in the market today. I found some of the good diet plans reviews at I think it's little difficult to pick one out of so many options that are available out there.

  3. Yes there are a lot of diet plans out there. It depends what kind you are looking for. Weight watchers is great if you like to cook your own meals and want to learn out how to calorie count. Medifast is great for those who want a brainless way to lose a lot real fast but the key to any of these programs is keeping the weight off. That is why I offer the counseling to my patients who are on the program so it is not just a quick fix but a lifestyle change... hopefully if you work with your physician you can pick the right program for you.

  4. I really like you weight loss program. I will definitely going to follow it. Thanks a lot for sharing!