Monday, January 28, 2013

Prayer Sticks

I like crafts but I seriously do not have the time to gather the materials and do them.  That is why I love it that we can do crafts from time to time at my MOPS group.  A while ago we made these prayer sticks that I love.  It has been a hit with the kids.  They love to shake it up and pick a stick before every meal.  Then they get really excited when they get to pray for someone they know whether it is another member of our family or a friend.  Every now and then they'll pick a stick that I'll have to explain to them a little and help them pray... like the president =)

I have a long list of missionaries and friends that I want to pray for but don't always find the time to do it.  This way, they are all written on sticks and every day before every meal I'm praying for one of those folks on my list.  Actually, since each member of the family get to pick a stick, we are praying for 4 or 5 folks on the list every meal.

Any other fun family traditions out there?  This toddler/preschooler age is such a fun time!  Exasperating at times... yes... but overall lots of fun.  I want to just freeze my kids and stop their aging!

Which reminds me of this crazy story about a twenty year old who stopped growing and has a two year old body!  You can read more about it here.  Kinda crazy..

Happy Monday, everybody!