Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!  

I want to dedicate this post to my husband and to my dad.  I was commenting the other day about how my dad is so much more mellow now than when I remember him to be growing up.  My husband made a comment that made me pause and think that maybe my dad was so stressed during those early child rearing years because those are stressful times.  And perhaps... I wasn't an easy kid.

Special kudos especially during this physically and emotionally challenging time when our kids are all so little (five and under!)... AND we're going to add another.  Yep.  Looks like it will be a boy so our little man will have a brother to tumble with.   Now we're even... and now we're done!  So according to this new survey... we're about to decrease the stress level in our life!

So... here's a little father's day tribute.  Thanks, hubby for partnering with me during all the momentous moments.  I especially appreciate it when you...
  • change and wash throw up on bedsheets in the middle of the night
  • change and wash throw up on bedsheets in the middle of the night after already doing so once
  • change and wash throw up on bedsheets in the middle of the night after already doing so twice (this truly happened with our first daughter... hard to forget that exhausting night.  So special kudos to hubby because he usually gets the job of cleaning up the gunk while I bathe and soothe my little one)
  • change poopey diapers (hard for me during the nausea period of 1st trimester... though the nausea improves 2nd trimester, certain strong smells can trigger my gag reflex... so again... thanks hubby)
  • take the glorious job of wiping poopey bottoms  (same goes here... gag reflex...)
  • cut up all sorts of fruits so there's plenty for all to eat (I'm dangerous with a knife so daddy does most of the fruit cutting whether it is mangoes or watermelon or honeydew... you name it, he cuts it!)
  • put up the pack n play if we ever have to bring it somewhere (it always takes me longer to figure out how to put all the sides up before pushing that bottom down...)
  • pull out and swap carseats if we need to (those darn straps that hook the seat to the car are a pain to figure out and remove... hubby just does it so much better and faster)
  • show the kid cool reptiles and bugs to help them learn to not fear them (was a turtle one day, a frog the next... just don't bring home a snake...I could never do this...)
  • bathe the kids, brush their teeth and read to them at night before bed (especially during the late nights I work or when I just need a break...)
  • act like "robot daddy" to bring a smile to their faces..