Wednesday, September 25, 2013

25 Lines to Honor Megan Garven

Today is a special day... missing a sweet girl...  To honor her on this 25th day of September on what would have been her 25th birthday, her parents came up with this brilliant idea for folks to do something with the number 25 to remember her.

So as I was thinking about this... I decided to write a poem with 25 lines.  Now I've always liked writing rhyming poems for fun while growing up.  Haven't done this in a long while so don't laugh at me... but this is what came to mind...

This is a poem

To tell a story

Of a lovely girl

Who’s gone to glory

Full of energy

Beautiful and bright

This child of God

Is pure delight

Touching so many

God’s love she’d share

Teaching children

With tender care

I’ll always remember

Her smiling face

Full of compassion

Full of grace

Up in heaven

I know she’s there

Partying with Jesus

A big fanfare

Heart of gold

Devoted and true

Megan Garven

We love you…

Miss you…

Meg was working at Santiago Christian School as a 3rd grade teacher when she got into a tragic car accident.  The school is planning on building a playground in her honor.  If interested in donating to this cause, you may click here for more info.