Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dress up and Trick or Treat Time!

I'm not a fan of the origins of this holiday nor am I a fan of any of the scary, glory, dark stuff...  however, I do see this time of year as an opportunity to socialize and interact with neighbors who will be knocking on our door and just be 'light'... not necessarily with tracks... but with genuine love.

I read this article which I felt had some pretty good points.  My husband was a little turned off by the tone of it and felt it was a bit harsh criticizing those who choose to celebrate in an alternative way with "harvest parties'.  I personally kind of see this whole "halloween controversial topic" as the "food for idols" passage in the new testament.  Let's not judge how others are convicted here... and let's also try not to cause our brothers to stumble.

So that is my 2 cents!  I debated on whether to post this... but hey... figured that's what blogs are for.  As my children grow older and just now entering the public school scene... these kind of topics come up and stir up deep discussions between my husband and I.  What a challenge and awesome privilege and responsibility to raise children!   

Lord, give us grace, cover over our mistakes, and pray we have some fun along the way!