Sunday, February 4, 2018

Go Eagles!!!!!

Happy 2018, everybody!  

I realize I am only a month late... it sure has been a while since I've blogged.  2017 is a bit of a blur... to give you an example of the state of my scattered mind... one of my so called "resolutions" for 2018 was to get my youngest to preschool with his shoes on!  Twice in 2017, I believe, this failed to happen... so he went to school in socks and another family member had to bring the shoes before recess... So as I was happily announcing this 2018 resolution to his preschool teacher... proudly showing her that he has had his shoes everyday so far and we were on week 2 of 2018... she kindly points out... " love your shirt! I have the same one... it's on backwards by the way..."

Progress not Perfection!!!

Okay... 2 huge milestones to catch you all up...
  • My oldest has now lost ALL her baby teeth
  • My youngest has been diaper free for some time now...

Now, I thought we would throw a HUGE party once we were diaper free because it really has been like 10 years of diapers.  But no... came and went... all a blur... but yay!!

Alright... keeping this short and sweet...  let's make some history...