Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tribute to Teachers

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and today was Teacher Appreciation Day. The kids at our elementary school are doing little things every day this week to show the teachers how much we appreciate them.

Driving around and listening to all the inspiring teacher stories on K-Love motivated me to add my little tribute.

When I think back to my school years... many teachers stand out in my mind. I really could fill pages if I were to sit here and list all the various ways particular teachers have touched my life.

Well, here is just a small small glimpse...  few gems of memory that stick out and make me smile...

Mrs Merrill - 5th Grade Teacher at Dutch Neck
-  read to us after lunch... just loved it!
-  gave out jolly ranchers for reciting the Gettysburg Address by memory
-  taught us all the bones of the body from cranium to phalanges using rhyme and rhythm
-  taught us geometry facts with song and rhythm as well... 
"the area of a tri-an-gle is... the base times the height... divided by 2"

Mrs Long - 6th Grade Teacher at Dutch Neck
-  showed us Ben Hur in class as well as a bunch of other movies... but I particularly remember Ben Hur
-  had a hamster pet in class and we took turns taking him home

Mr Enz - Elementary School String Teacher
-  he pretty much taught me how to play the violin

Mr Glass - Elementary School PE Teacher and Freshmen Field Hockey Coach
-  PE was my favorite class. I had so much fun! Loved all the sports and games... and I loved the Presidential Fitness Challenges
-  He recruited me and my good friend, Kathleen, to play on his freshmen team in high school
-  He always ran with us.. the long runs, the suicides, diagonals, and sprints at the end of practice!
-  Whenever it rained and folks started to complain... he'd say "Hey, skin is waterproof!  I shower, don't you?"

High School French Teacher - wow, I can't remember his name... but I still remember what he looks like!
-  taught us a song to remember the verbs that conjugate with etre
-  funny, funny teacher... made learning French fun

Dr Chen - 11th Grade Physics Teacher
-  motivated us by writing our names on the board if we get over 90% and another section if we get 100% (LOL prob not a motivator for everyone but it worked for me)
-   she used these two silly character names to illustrate physics word problems and though I can't remember the names I still remember the problems!

Mrs Mauro - High School Orchestra Teacher
-  let us hang out at her office before school, during lunch, after school...
-  let us hang out at her house after prom!
-  took us on an orchestra trip to DC
-  witnessed me hit my R eye with a music stand and sent me to the nurse, then to the ER to get 5-6 stitches
-  was also my homeroom teacher another time when I got hit with a field hockey ball in the R eye. I had the eye covered with a patch but she made me show her... then sent me to the nurse, who sent me to the ER... again!

Mrs Hussong (knew her as Ms Jung originally) - PE Teacher as well as Field Hockey and Girls La Crosse Coach
-  inspired me to give it all, never give up, and fight to win
-  4 memorable seasons of high school field hockey which became such a love and important part of my life...
-  would never have played girls la crosse if it weren't for her!

Oh.. I'm sure I'll think of more if I were to keep going...

Now, I send my kids to elementary school and I know they have wonderful teachers pouring out to them. I'm so grateful for all the teachers out there showering the kids with love, inspiring them... giving them hope and a future.

Thank you, teachers!!!