Friday, June 21, 2019

Busy End of School Year

May flew by and June is almost over. It has been super hectic for me. I felt like writing a rhyming poem to summarize it all!  Here it goes...

Busy month of May
With Mother’s Day
…Memorial Day
And then comes Father’s Day

For teachers, for coaches…
Presents and gift cards to buy
Their guidance and wisdom
Our kids really do rely

String… Band… Choir…
Concerts galore!
Moving on ceremonies
And so much more!

End of year parties
And final field trips...
Signing year books
Watching slide show clips

6th grade socials
And 6th grade clap out
Cherishing the memories
Is what it’s all about

Saying goodbye to teachers
Saying goodbye to a school
Now it’s time for summer
Let’s jump in the pool!

Happy first day of summer everyone!  Whoo-hoo! My kids are finally done with school...