Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to Work!

6 weeks of maternity leave just flew by as I knew it would!  I started back at work yesterday.  Top reasons why I find pumping and working a challenge:

  • Need to make sure I have clothes that is both professional and will make it easy for me to pump in a rush (basically have to buy nursing tops and nursing dresses)
  • I have to schedule in time to pump around the same time when my baby would normally feed.  Doing that in the middle of a busy doctor's schedule is tricky.   
  • It doesn't help that I don't have my own private office and have to run into a patient room in between patients to pump.  Not only can anyone just walk in by mistake but they can clearly hear the embarrassing "oom-pah oom-pah" sound of the pump.
  • Need a place to store the milk so it doesn't go bad.  Ideally I would just freeze it but taking out the storage bag, labeling it, then sticking it in the shared office freezer is just not attractive to me.  Luckily my shifts are short enough that I can just leave the milk in the bag with ice and transfer when I get home (but probably not super ideal)

Well, although it takes planning and is not super convenient, I still plan to nurse for at least one year.  Too many benefits with nursing which far outweighs the negatives.  That will be for another post!


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  2. I feel you. The happiest day of each of my nursing experiences is when the kiddo turns one and I can put the pump away! With the last one I told my husband I might run over the the pump with my car.

    Keep it up, you're right that it's worth it.