Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hurricane Irene

My thoughts go out to all those who were affected by Hurricane Irene... and who are still dealing with the consequences.  

Fortunately, for us, we were minimally affected.  We sure did get a ton of wind and rain.  I remember looking out the window and feeling thankful for shelter.  

On Sunday, church was cancelled and our power went out for about twelve hours.  My husband got to experience some of the stress and chaos of feeding and entertaining three young children under the age of four.  Maybe if we weren't both so sleep deprived from getting up so often for E (our youngest who actually just hit two months that day) we would have more brain power to be creative or have more energy to play with our kids.  Instead,  picture this...  A (my middle child) is running around full of energy and getting into her older sister's things... which of course causes much protest!  I forget what E was doing but maybe husband was bouncing him on his knee while laying on the ground of the basement floor.  I am laying on the ground not too far from him and decide to pretend to be in a hair salon.  I ask S to come wash my hair to see if that will distract her from A.  My husband liked the idea and asked her to go over and wash his hair afterwards.  That lasted about five minutes.  We were trying to find every excuse to stay horizontal and expend as little energy as possible.

I found it nice that we did not have tv or internet to distract us... However, nap time which is usually about 3 hours of adult sanctuary, was cut short.  Why?  Well, no power meant no AC and it was pretty hot that day.  Plus, we could not turn on the sound machines in both girls bedrooms which we seem to think makes a difference.

So overall, it was a nice family day... didn't do much but sometimes it is nice to just be together in one place not doing much...