Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Just wanted to dedicate this post to the dads out there!

Last fall, I blogged here about why dad's are great.  Here's a few more reasons off the top of my head why my kids are thankful for their daddy:

  • they get to see the world from up high riding on his shoulder
  • they can be carried for a longer period of time when their legs get tired from walking
  • they get beautifully cooked sunny side up eggs for breakfast on weekends
  • they get cut up mangoes and pineapples... and honeydew and watermelon for that matter (mommy is not as good with the big knife and hard to cut fruit)
  • they get bugs calmly removed from their presence (a "non-shrieking or panicking" response)
  • they are more likely to get a second ice cream treat if the first ice cream treat falls on the ground
  • they get more freedom to pick out their own clothes without argument... even if it is clothes for the wrong season
  • they get a real live "prince" to dance with before going to bed at night