Wednesday, February 19, 2014

3 Month Stage

L is out of the newborn stage!  I'm mourning each stage as it passes now since I know he is my last...

So at 3 months, L is much more alert and aware of his surroundings than before.  He has gotten the social smile down pat.  If you so much as catches his eye even for a second, he will break out into a huge smile and start cooing.  It melts my heart every time, and I end up spending the next few minutes just cooing back and smothering him with kisses.

He is also much stronger now and is breaking out of the newborn swaddle wrap.  The wrap works so well in keeping their arms from flailing all over the place.  Now, he likes to stretch and suck on his hands when given the opportunity.

That football hold where I could just hold the baby with the crook of one arm... no more... getting bigger and heavier and longer...

Stool still smells relatively "not stinky" at this stage since diet still consists of only breastmilk... no solid foods yet.  Once solids get introduced is when the poop starts smelling like real poop!

So other than a lot of kicking in the air and arms flailing, there is still fairly minimal movement.  No danger yet of finding baby in a different place after putting him down.  However, one should never leave baby unattended... especially on high surfaces.  Any day now, he may roll over!  My oldest first rolled at 4 months so gotta be on the watch for it.

Now is also the time to transition from sleeping most of the day to developing a more scheduled sleep pattern.  Eventually, we'll fall into one morning nap, one afternoon nap, maybe a short late afternoon nap, and then a 12 hour night stretch from 7p to 7a... hopefully soon??  We'll see...

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