Monday, April 28, 2014

Cradle Cap in Babies

Yay!  We have just passed the cradle cap stage... but thought I'd throw in a few things about it since two of my kids had it pretty severely and I don't think I've blogged about it yet...

What is it?
Scaly flakes that covers the scalp that can thicken into yellow crusty patches.  It can also be around the ears, eyelids, or around the nose.  Sometimes it can itch.

Who gets it?
Babies.  It usually starts by 3 months and resolves on its own by 6 months or so

Why does it happen?
No clear cause is known.  Some believe it is due to hormones that cross the placenta from mom to baby before birth.  It is not due to poor hygiene.

How do you treat it?
It will resolve on its own.  However, washing with mild shampoo can loosen the scales.  There are some oily cradle cap shampoos out there that some have found useful.  Combing the flakes with a baby comb after shampooing helps to remove the scales.

As always, when in doubt or if severe and persistent, see your physician!