Monday, April 21, 2014

Full Plate

Hope all had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Wow... everyday I feel like I'm playing catchup... who has time to blog?

My oldest is in the swing of elementary school. Conversations about friends and school and life has gotten so much more in depth lately. What a tremendous privilege and responsibility to guide her during this precious stage of growth and maturity.

My second is largely over her terribly independent and defiant stage and is back to being sweet and huggable. When the two of girls are together, they are non-stop chattering away. Every now and then we have to step in and sort out hurt feelings.

Big brother E is pretty hilarious with the things he says these days. He totally likes to copy his sisters. He seems to admire and follow along with the oldest but battles fiercely with the second. He is always banging on something with this toy or that... and fighting imaginary bad guys. Of all my kids, this kid is accident prone! Scraped knee here... banged up head there... cut lip... oh I'm just waiting for the stitches and broken bones!

Little L is my cute cuddly little man who has developed quite the chuckle. Poop has gotten more smelly as we've introduced real foods into his diet. Only issue is sleep, little buddy... mommy needs sleep!

Juggling when this one eats and that one needs to sit on the potty... this one has a sore thumb... that one needs homework help... I'm blogging here but I still need to make the lunches for tomorrow... print out pictures for another's homework project... piles and piles of laundry... figure out when my helpers need to come help... Ack! My plate is just full right now... but it's a good full.