Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Getaway without the kids! (Part 2)

So the thing about returning home from a getaway is that there is less alone downtime and a ton of errands to do (laundry, getting kids to sleep, etc)!  Part 2 will have to be significantly truncated because I'm super sleepy and want to hit the sack...

So quick recap from Day #1:
  • needing to be resourceful to pump on the go
  • flying with captain Sully
  • getting a green camaro to drive around
  • realizing too late we gotta drive 4 hrs to the place we are staying!

Here's a quick recap for Day#2:
  • I threw the car keys in the trunk of the green camaro and shut it without thinking!  Good thing for OnStar...
  • Hubby turned left on a one way road and we nearly said goodbye to our green camaro... and one another...
  • Much less success this day in finding any bathroom that had an electrical outlet!
  • Had very yummy sushi and seafood at a restaurant with outdoor seating... opened up to the ocean!
  • Oh.. and we parked next to Bumblebee from Transformers... a yellow camaro =)

Will elaborate if there is time tomorrow...