Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Teething teething teething!

I believe my little one is teething.  She is gnawing on everything she can get her little chubby hands on.  For most of the day, she is happy and smiling and will crack up if you play with her and make funny sounds.  Then there are those moments at night where out of the blue we get high pitched screaming... not easily consolable.

So some myths about teething I want to dispell:

  • teething does not cause fever > 100.4
  • teething does not cause diarrhea
  • teething does not cause rash
Now since she is chewing on everything, she is exposed to more viruses/bacteria and therefore may develop the above but teething alone is not the sole cause.

Oh boy, there she goes... may have to whip out the generic acetaminophen to soothe...