Thursday, November 7, 2013

Newborn Moments

I love this newborn period!  Savoring every precious moment... 

Soon I will miss these things and probably will only experience it again in small instants with someone else's newborn... or when I turn grandmother =)

I love watching...
  • the random facial expressions he makes... 
  • his mouth opening and closing in different configurations
  • the spurts of  rapid quick breathing
  • the way one arm and hand will wiggle out of his hospital white top when crying vigorously
  • his head turn from side to side trying to suck on anything around when hungry
I love smelling...
  • that newborn baby smell...
  • the hospital pacifier... haha - it actually smells like chocolate!
  • even the stinky diapers have a particular smell... not like the diapers later on when he starts solids
I love hearing...
  • the tiny grunts and snorts he make while he sleeps
  • the rhythmic slurp slurp gulp gulp during a good feed
  • that newborn cry that is so particular... not loud or whiny.. just the 'wah wah wah' announcing his presence
I love touching... 
  • his tiny teensy feet
  • the small tight clutch of his little hand around my finger
  • his smooth soft cheek against my cheek
  • his itty bitty nose cool against my nose
  • his fine sparse hair
Other random things I love and will miss...
  • being able to hold him in the crook of one arm all bundled up like a burrito
  • the little umbilical cord clip that will fall off soon
  • even that black tarry poop that sticks to everything and takes rigorous rubbing to come off
  • little tiny mittens and little tiny booties...
  • the newborn hospital cap
  • everything teensy weensy!
  • finally... knowing I can leave him in a bassinet and he'll pretty much be in the same position when I come back
So in love right now... treasuring... wanting it to last... making the most of every second...

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