Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Postpartum Hospital Stay

Strange as it may sound, I actually was really looking forward to my postpartum stay at the hospital after delivering #4.  I was actually hoping to deliver earlier in the day so that I'd have more time there.  Haha.  Now that I am back home, "reality" of balancing the whole newborn routine with 3 little kiddos along with all the management responsibilities of "mom" and "wife" kick in!  At least, I'll have 6 weeks before having to add on my "doctor" role =)

So what was it about the hospital that I was looking forward to?  Ohh... so much!  It may be different per hospital but at least the one I deliver at has great maternity and postpartum care.  The food in the cafeteria is pretty good as well.

Here are some things I'll miss about the experience (since this will be my last time):
  • Ordering room service and having food delivered to my bed anytime I want and as much as I want... 
  • Beeping the nursing station for any little thing... drink of water... pain meds... a back rub (j/k)
  • Electronic hospital bed to help get into sitting position or back down to lying position without having to use abdominal muscles
  • Television with cable (I don't ever watch at home... didn't really watch there either actually but just nice it's there in case I want to =b)
Then there's the stuff you get to wear:

  • Fuzzy wuzzy socks of varying colors with the non-slip grip on the bottom
  • Fancy smancy snap gowns for easy nursing access  
  • Large mesh throw-away underwear
But the #1 reason that I enjoy my postpartum stay the hospital...
  • 48 hrs of just "me" time... (well and new baby time) but at least a little get away from all the busy-ness of life...