Friday, April 23, 2010

Birth order

I'd like to dedicate a blog just to my little one. I think it is hard to be #2 because #1 is always around to share attention and had been center of attention for two full years! I read a very interesting Time article about birth order and I can see why it is true.  Bottom line:

Eldest siblings are also disproportionately represented in high-paying professions. Younger siblings, by contrast, are looser cannons, less educated and less strapping, perhaps, but statistically likelier to live the exhilarating life of an artist or a comedian, an adventurer, entrepreneur, GI or firefighter. And middle children? Well, they can be a puzzle—even to researchers.

Why?  Probably because older siblings have the advantage of having their parents (and grandparents for that matter) all to themselves for a period of time.  Then more responsibility is placed in them later on and they are expected to take care of the younger siblings.  Even at two years old, my older daughter wants to help take care of the little one.  She is eager to throw away diapers and loves helping with bath time!  But this blog is supposed to be about #2...

So A is now almost 5 months old. She has a lot more fat folds than her sister and is so cuddly to hold. She will totally crack up if you jiggle her cheeks and tickle her chest. This is the age where she is exploring more and becoming more interactive by the minute. It is actually really fun to watch the two sisters interact together.

Today we had another blow-out poop! It is always tricky to change the diaper without getting poop all over the clothes... often I'd have to strip her naked and change her clothes completely. Thank goodness for oxy! So I'm finding that she has these blow ups after really hard cries. I sometimes wonder if she is crying so hard because she had a blow out or if her crying so hard produces the blow out poop.

But that is the thing... (back to birth order)... blow out diapers was a big deal when we had our first.  Now that we've been through it before, it hardly phases me.   I just throw her clothes in a tub of oxy to soak and find new ones to put on her.   Her poop is still yellow and not truly stinky.  Now when the older child poops in her underwear and requires cleaning up... that is another story!  And when they both do it at the same time (like today), I end up with two naked kids and me running around with poopey clothes looking for my tub of oxy.

I'm sure by the time my A is pooping in underwear it will all be less dramatic...  haha... maybe older sister will be the one potty training the younger...