Friday, April 30, 2010

Travelling with little children

Alright, so who likes to go on vacation? I love it! I need breaks from routine and while away I'm always sad to go back home. Has having kids changed my love for vacations? Well... no... but it sure is more stressful. Sometimes, I even wonder if it is worth it. But that is usually just a fleeting thought because at least for me, the positive outweighs the negative.

So I'm writing this blog right now in a dark hotel room trying to be as quiet as possible. Both kids are asleep... at least they are for now. Boy, last night when we arrived here it was past their usual bedtime by almost 2 hrs and it took another hour or so to get everyone down! While my husband was rocking the little one in the carseat I was trying to get the older one to calm down and lay down. I suppose she was just too excited, plus the entire environment was foreign. Break of routine is hard enough on any toddler's sleep hygiene but for my sensitive two year old, it completely messes her up. Oh well... so we'll be sleep deprived. I'm learning to just accept and go with the flow. At least when we were walking around outside and playing in the pool today, she kept telling me she was having fun.

Now the younger one slept in the carseat last night for the first half of her night. Initial transfer to crib effort by dad was not successful so we just kept her in the carseat and she slept until close to 3am. I pretty much jumped up and got her as soon as I heard a difference in breathing pattern because I was so afraid of waking up my older daughter. Baby went down again with no problems but everybody was pretty much up and awake by 630 this morning. That is only about 7 hrs of sleep for my toddler who normally gets 11 or 12 hrs at home. So it's no wonder she was completely melting down by 7pm tonight.

Sleeping... eating... and even potty training kinda all goes out the window when travelling. I still think it is worth it to get away...