Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More about sleep disturbances

Oh man... I think the little one is teething! No wonder she has been waking up every hour after 3am for two nights in a row. I am sooo tired... This is harder than q3 call during residency!

Well, it is either that or she is getting sick again. So one disadvantage of being in healthcare is that I am exposed to so many germs. Plus, being so sleep deprived, my immunity is down and I am getting sick more easily. Then of course, I pass it on to my kids. I even caught the swine flu during my third trimester of pregnancy!

So here I'm adding two other categories to my previous post about factors that affect sleep:
1) Routine - need a consistent one
2) Sleep Associations - consistency is also key and try to avoid bad associations
3) Teething - may disrupt whatever good routine you get down
4) Sickness - definitely disrupts sleep... and sometimes requires changing bedsheets plus bathing the child a second time because of throw up from too much coughing! (sometimes you have to change your own clothing if you happen to be holding the child while he/she is throwing up in the middle of the night...)